Visa Documentation


  • Having a complete Visa application file is absolutely vital in order to have a high chance of getting a successful visa. We have unfortunately had clients in the past whom had their visa applications rejected due to improper / incomplete or even inadequate information or documentation, in most cases unknowingly and unguided, and were left stranded in a difficult position. Having your previous visa application rejected could cause difficulties for you, HOWEVER do not hit the Red Alert button as this can still be fixed. This is why the first stage of Impulse Immigration is to ensure all your documents are in proper order and correctly notarised or stamped where required.

  • We here at Impulse Immigration have a strict policy that our clients should not be left stranded  from when they sign up to us, or when it comes to documentation preparations and till the end.

  • Our Immigration Consultants will indepth explain to you what documents you require, how to prepare them, what stamps or notarization information should be done. Post completion of your application file, we will then submit your application along with the documents to the relevant Immigration office.

  • And finally, we ensure to keep you updated about your application process to keep you up to date with each and every update that occurs in your application process.

  • It is our motto that You, as the client, have chosen us to help you on this difficult path of migration so we will do our best and beyond to deliver beyond your expectations. 

  • When you choose us, you do so to relax and be assured that we are there to submit a strong and impressive application process.

If you have any further questions about visa documentation then please email us at and our expert Immigration Consultants will get in touch with you.