What to Expect During Your Immigration Consultation ?


Everything You Need to Know About the Consultation Process

You have researched your desired location, visited several websites, seen several pictures of that destination, and narrowed down a list of Visas that could suit you. But What to do now?  Now you’ll have the opportunity to talk with expert Immigration Consultants.

The consultation process is a huge part of moving forward with your decision to migrate, so you may be understandably feeling overwhelmed with information or unsure what to do next. This is why we’re here to help! We’ve prepared this consultation guide to help answer your questions and prepare you for this exciting step in your journey.


1.  Why are consultations important?

2. Who will I meet?

3. Is my consultation free?

4. What will my evaluation be like?

5. What questions should I ask the Immigration Consultant

  • Why are these consultations important?

Your consultation serves two very important purposes: you have the opportunity to both share your aims and wishes and also get a clearer over what options are available for you, and what can be done to help you achieve your goals. During your consultation, you’ll get to ask questions, find out if the suggested visa option is a good fit for you, and hear personalized recommendations for a better choice.

  •   Who will I meet?


You will be in contact with one of our expert Immigration Consultants who have vast years of experiences to ensure that if you choose Impulse Immigration then you will have a smooth and proper visa application process.

  • Is my consultation free?


Yes! Your initial consultation is free where we find out what your destination and requirements are. Once you agree to our terms and sign the contract then it will be stage by stage costs which you will be informed of beforehand. But anytime you have any questions or require information, you will not be charged for this.

  • What will my evaluation be like?


During your consultation, you will speak to your Immigration Consultant and explain in detail about yourself. It will be a breakdown of your CV and more information. This is so we can help prepare a thorough guide for your visa application.

  • What questions should I ask the Immigration Consultant?

Ask all the questions. You are choosing us but in order to do so, you need to be confident and clear minded with a straight plan. 

here are a few very important questions you should include:

1. What are my options?

2. Should I go for Student Visa or Work Visa?

3. Are visas being granted now?

4. What are my chances?

5. Can I start my application with Impulse Immigration now?

6. Will you be overseeing my case or will someone else?

7. What specifically will you do to help me?

You should never feel like your questions are burdensome or that you are wasting your Immigration Consultants time. We are here for you and the biggest factor our Immigration Consultancy runs off is Client satisfaction.