Family Visa


There are various types of Visas. Please see below for each subclass with details.


Partner Visa

This visa allows the spouse or de-facto partner to migrate to Australia with the condition that one of the partner is an Australian citizen or Permanent resident living in Australia.



Visa Criteria:

Both partners must be above the age of 18

Applicants must meet the Health and Character requirements.

Applicants spouse of de-facto partner must be an Australian Citizen or Permanent resident in Australia

Applicants must provide sufficient evidence for establishing the credibility of their relationship.

This visa is for the applicants who intend to marry an Australian citizen or permanent resident. The duration period for this Visa is 9 months. You are required to get married to your partner within the 9 months. Once you marry your partner, you can then apply for partner visa.

The Applicants partner whom they are engaged to must be an Australian citizen or Permanent Resident

The Applicants Visa must be sponsored by their respective partners.

The applicant must intend to marry their partner within 9 months

Marriage Visa

Visa Criteria:

Both partners must be 18 or above years of age.

The applicant must meet the Health and Character requirements

If you are an Australian Citizen or Permanent resident and you had a child outside Australia, that child does not become an Australian citizen automatically. The parent will in such case have to apply for Child visa. This visa is valid up to 25 years, but until the child receives this visa, they cannot enter Australia.

Visa Criteria:

Child Visa

The child must be dependent on sponsored Parents that are Australian citizens or Permanent Residents.

The child must not be married or in a de-facto relationship

The child must be either Biological/ adopted or step-child of a parent who holds a Temporary partner visa.

The child must meet Health and Character requirements


This visa is a permanent visa for parents of eligible Australian citizen or permanent residents living in Australia. The applicant will be sponsored by their child/children whom are settled in Australia.

Visa Criteria:

Parent Visa

Applicant will be sponsored by an eligible child who is already settled in Australia.

The applicant must meet Balance - of family. This means that half your family must be living in Australia.

The applicants (Parents) Must meet Health and Character requirements

And many many more. 

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